WordPress Theme Clubs

Theme Clubs are a fantastic way to get your hands on scores of professionally designed premium WordPress themes without the premium price tag. For as little as $69 you can gain access to a wide range of themes that will give your blog a more professional look.

The main benefits of theme clubs are:

  • Affordability! Premium WordPress themes normally cost around $70 each
  • Technical support from the club staff and other club members
  • The ability to try out different themes until you find the right one
  • If you have more than one blog you can download as many themes as you need
  • You can change the design of your blog as often as you want without the additional cost!

Theme Grrl’s Top Pick

Elegant Themes ($69) www.elegantthemes.com
I have a long history with Elegant Themes! I often used their themes before I started designing my own (an early version of ThemeGrrl used one of their themes). They are one of, if not, the best value theme club around and their themes are simply stunning. For just $69 USD you can access all of the themes for 12 months which is less than the cost of a single theme elsewhere. Elegant themes were one of the very first WordPress theme clubs, so they’ve been in this business for a long time and have a well established reputation for offering a reliable, professional service. New themes are released regularly, cater to all kinds of blogs and have extensive options pages. Most themes come with a variety of color options, including pink and purple for the girly bloggers out there!

Other Top Theme Clubs

Teslathemes 250-250Tesla Themes ($49) www.telsathemes.com
Tesla Themes is one of the newer theme clubs on the block but they are quickly proving to be one of the best with their wonderful range of WordPress themes at a very competitive price, which is perfect for anyone after access to premium themes on a budget. Tesla has themes for foodies, weddings, creatives, business and personal blogs. Their themes are responsive (for easy viewing on mobiles, ipads, etc) and beautifully designed. Simply top quality themes for a fantastic price. They also have an active support forum and live chat.

200x125 BlueColor Labs ($99) www.colorlabsproject.com
ColorLabs’s fantastic range of themes include designs for foodies, fashion and weddings. You can either buy themes individually or sign up for the ‘all in one deal’ and receive access to all themes for one low price. Renewals on subscriptions are offered at a discounted rate. There are themes for business, magazines, personal blogs, ecommerce, and more. The themes are well documented and designed, they also have a few free themes, too!

Theme Grrl